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Preventative Health Care & Vaccinations



Dr. Trybus and Staff member examining a patient





Dr. Trybus and kid examining a patient

Prevention of disease in your pet is Cary Grove Animal Hospital's number one goal!  Starting as a puppy or kitten and continuing for the duration of your pet's life, ongoing disease prevention is very important for the longevity of your pet.

The most important part of disease prevention, are regular complete physical examinations.  These allow us to examine your pet from nose to tail and help reveal any problems.  We will evaluate the ears, eyes, nose, throat, mouth and teeth, heart and lungs, abdomen, lymph nodes, and skin for any lumps or bumps.  Since pets can not tell us if they are sick or injured, we often have to be detectives to identify any potential problems! 

During the physical exam, our staff will outline your pet's vaccination/shots, deworming, heartworm and flea/tick prevention schedule at each visit.  We have programs geared towards each stage of your pet's life from the new puppy/kitten to the senior pet.  For example, in the senior years, regular screening lab work including blood and urine tests become very important to identify any diseases.

Each pet's lifestyle is unique.  During your visit, our staff will ask you questions to be sure your pet is covered for its needed disease protection.  At the same time, we ensure they are not OVER vaccinated.  As your pet ages, we use extended vaccine protocols and may even substitute the vaccination (shot) for a titer blood test. 

Not all vaccines are created equal.  We use the top of the line vaccine brands that offer the best protection while decreasing the risk of a vaccine reaction.  This includes the PureVax line of vaccines for cats.  Other feline vaccine manufacturers may contain harmful adjuvants which can cause injection site tumors. 

Parasite protection is also very important, including annual heartworm and intestinal parasite tests.  We will outline the best heartworm, intestinal parasite, and flea and tick prevention medications for your pet.  This is not only important for your pet, but also your family as many of these parasites can be zoonotic, or transmissible to humans. 

Other wellness care services include permanent Microchipping, nutritional and behavioral counseling.