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Anesthesiology and Pain Management



Cat vitals taken before anesthesia

Having a balanced anesthetic protocol is very important for the safety of your pet.  At Cary Grove Animal Hospital we look at each pet as an individual in order to choose the best anesthetic medications for them.  

Pre-anesthetic evaluations will include a physical examination, blood work and for more involved cases may also include urine tests, EKG, x-rays, or other advanced diagnostics.  These test results will help us tailor the anesthesia to the needs of the pet.

All pets will receive pain medication prior to their surgery or procedure to prevent pain before it starts.  This will continue post-operatively with oral medications that may be sent home with your pet. 

All pets are monitored closely under anesthesia and in recovery.  Advanced monitoring equipment monitors their heart rate, blood oxygenation, blood pressure, EKG and more.  Also a dedicated veterinary technician will also be keeping a close eye on your pet's vital signs.  Our surgical table is state-of-the-art and is heated for patient comfort.  Pets undergoing a dental procedure are placed on a circulating warm water pad to keep them warm. 

After your pet has recovered from anesthesia we will contact you to let them know they are in recovery.  We can call, text, or even text/e-mail a photo of your pet in recovery to you!  Warm blankets and plenty of TLC will be provided in recovery.  Most patients in for surgery will be sent home that same day. 

Pain management is important following surgical procedures.  Medications will be discussed with you at your pet's discharge time.  Pain management is also important for pets that are experiencing arthritis, cancer pain or other types of discomfort.  We have several medications, supplements and diets that will help keep your pet feeling good!  Individual multimodal pain management programs are designed to fit your pet's needs and may change with their age.