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Feline Medicine


Two cats in a barn

Recent studies have shown that while pet cats out number dogs in the United States, there are a declining number of cats presented for veterinary care.  Some of the reasons cited are the stress involved with bringing a cat to the animal hospital, and lack of perceived need.  We hope to be able to turn that trend around to get cats the care they need.  

We strive to make your cat's visit to Cary Grove Animal Hospital a positive one, with the least stress possible.  Upon arrival for your appointment, every attempt will be made to escort you to an exam room right away, or to an area that is dog free.  One of our three doctors will slowly and carefully examine your cat where ever they feel most comfortable.  That may be in their carrier, on the floor, on the exam table, in a towel, or in the exam room sink!  Our team of veterinarians: Dr. Fritz Trybus, Dr. Heidi Quinn and Dr. Lesli Stovall are all experienced in feline medicine and surgery. 

Ask about our "Indoor Cat Program" which outlines needed preventative care for your feline friend.  The program is tailored to provide appropriate vaccination, parasite control, and early disease recognition (wellness blood work) that your cat needs. 

As cats age, we see many common chronic diseases that require on going management.  We will help you manage your cat's diabetes, hyperthyroidism, chronic renal disease, irritable bowel disease, or other condition as needed.  Our treatment programs are designed to monitor your cat closely and adjust their medications as necessary.