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Staff at Cary Grove Animal Hospital Cary, IL Veterinarian


Office Manager & Certified Veterinary Technician

Shauna joined Cary Grove Animal Hospital in June 2012.  She comes with a vast amount of experience within the veterinary profession.  She is a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) graduating from Central Carolina Community College in 2006.  She has been in practice since graduation and previously worked with Dr. Fritz in Woodstock, IL before joining the Cary Grove Animal Hospital.

Shauna's special interests include dentistry, surgery and client education.  She has completed post graduate training in the field of dentistry and dental radiology.  She also has assisted Dr. Fritz in orthopedic surgeries for over 10 years.

Shauna always emphasizes the importance of client education and enjoys interacting with clients on a daily basis.  She was previously an instructor for the Veterinary Assistant program offered through McHenry County Community College.  She was responsible for course curriculum development and instruction in both the classroom and laboratory settings.

Shauna wears many hats at CGAH.  While her main focus is as a technician, she also serves as our office manager and was an integral part of the organization and grand opening of our hospital.  She is a member of the Chicago Area Veterinary Managers Association and Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association.

When not at the hospital, she enjoys traveling with her husband Andy and cheering on the Green Bay Packers!


 Staff at Cary Grove Animal Hospital Cary, IL Veterinarian


Client Services Representative

Mackenzie joined the Cary Grove Animal Hospital in August 2012 with a passion for animals and helping people.  She will likely be the first person you will see at our front desk!  Mackenzie's positive, cheerful attitude is infectious and she is a vital part of our customer service oriented hospital.

Mackenzie enjoys interacting with clients on the telephone and in person to help educate them on our services and making sure all of their pet's needs are met.  She is also responsible for scheduling, organization of electronic medical records, and general reception duties.  She hopes to remain in the veterinary field for a long time, and enjoys learning new things and assisting the doctors and technicians.

Mackenzie is partial to our feline patients and currently has one of her own named Quinzel.  Mackenzie is a native to the area and currently resides in Barrington with her family.  When not at the hospital, she is active in the Kingdom Ministry School. 


 Staff at Cary Grove Animal Hospital Cary, IL Veterinarian


Veterinary Technician

Mary joined the Cary Grove Animal Hospital staff in May 2013.  She worked with Dr. Fritz previously and was excited to have the opportunity to progress her career in the veterinary field and join Cary Grove Animal Hospital.  Mary is a graduate of McHenry County College's Veterinary Assistant Program and has been in the profession for several years.  

Mary assists with both the medical and surgical care of the patients and is our lead exam room technician.  She enjoys client education, preventative health care, and is always ready to 'pitch in' where needed.  Mary also does a lot of phone communications with clients to be sure all patient's conditions are improving and all client questions are answered even after the visit.   

Mary lives in the area with her husband Rich, daughter Ashley and many pets including dogs, cats, and horses!  Mary and Rich also have a soft spot for Huskies!   


 Staff at Cary Grove Animal Hospital Cary, IL Veterinarian


Client Services Representative

April joined Cary Grove Animal Hospital in September 2013.  She is a long time animal lover and has owned several different dog breeds over the years - from Shar Peis to Bichons.  She brings many years of customer service experience to our staff and is a familiar face to our clients as our main receptionist.  She always makes sure all clients both new and old feel welcome and all of their needs are met. 

April is responsible for scheduling appointments, educating clients on our services, checking people in and out, and making sure the front office is running smoothly.  She enjoys interacting with our clients and their pets and getting to know them.  April has a great sense of humor and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

April is a long time resident of Cary and we are so fortunate to have her as part of the team! 


 Staff at Cary Grove Animal Hospital Cary, IL Veterinarian


Veterinary Technician

Gabby joined the Cary Grove Animal Hospital in February 2015.  She is an experienced Veterinary Technician bringing over 15 years of experience to our hospital.  She has had positions at several animal hospitals ranging from general practices to emergency hospitals and critical care departments. 

Gabby's main professional interests are in surgery and dental care for pets.  She is our main surgical technician and is responsible for patient  care of all of our hospitalized patients.  She is highly skilled in anesthesia, surgical prep and assisting.  She is also trained in dental care including cleaning, polishing, charting and dental radiology.   She is responsible for surgical patient admits and discharges and communicates with clients both before and after their pet's surgery to make sure all questions are answered.

In addition to Gabby's surgical and dental technician duties, she is well versed in performing and interpreting laboratory tests and is a trained "feline advocate" which is additional training and skills in low-stress cat handling techniques. 

Gabby resides in the area with her husband, daughter, and several dogs!  We are glad she has joined the CGAH team and is a vital member of our technical staff. 


 Staff at Cary Grove Animal Hospital Cary, IL Veterinarian


Veterinary Technician   

Lacey joined the Cary Grove Animal Hospital in May 2015.  She brings an incredible work ethic having served in the US Army.  She has worked in animal hospitals for over 10 years and has experience working in several states including Illinois, Texas, and Washington! 

Lacey is involved with assisting the doctors with examinations, preventative health care, diagnostic testing, illness treatment and client education.  She is very down to earth and enjoys making sure all of the pet's needs are addressed during their visits to Cary Grove Animal Hospital.  She has excellent skills in animal handling, phlebotomy, and running laboratory tests.  She also assists the other technicians with prep of surgical patients and anesthetic monitoring.

While you might tell from her accent she is originally from Texas, she is happy to be back in Illinois and looking forward to calling it home for good after relocating several times!  She lives with her husband (also a veteran), son and dogs.  We look forward to Lacey continuing to grow with our practice.


 Staff at Cary Grove Animal Hospital Cary, IL Veterinarian


Client Services Representative

Heidi joined Cary Grove Animal Hospital in July 2015.  She brings a large amount of experience from previously working at other animal hospitals for several years. 

Along with her general reception duties, Heidi is well versed in our digital medical records system having worked with it for many years.  She is constantly working to improve the efficiency of our front office to improve the client experience.

Heidi lives in Cary with her family and we are glad to have her as part of our team.


 Staff at Cary Grove Animal Hospital Cary, IL Veterinarian


Client Services Representative

Rebecca joined the Cary Grove Animal Hospital in February 2016.  She previously worked at another animal hospital in Northern Illinois and brings experience and a cheerful attitude to our team! 

Rebecca is responsible for greeting clients, scheduling appointments, and educating clients on their pet's healthcare needs.  She especially enjoys getting to know clients and their furry family members.  Rebecca loves all animals but has a soft spot for Bulldogs and has owned many over the years.  She hopes to add another Bulldog to her family soon.

Rebecca has recently settled down in Cary with her family and enjoys the Cary-Grove community.  In her free time she likes DIY craft projects, wine tasting, and spending time outdoors.  We are happy to have her on the client services team at CGAH!



 Staff at Cary Grove Animal Hospital Cary, IL Veterinarian


Certified Veterinary Technician

Karen joined Cary Grove Animal Hospital in September 2015.  She is a graduate of Parkland College in Champaign, IL and brings over 25 years of experience working in the veterinary field.  She most recently worked as a lead technician and department head at a specialty and emergency animal hospital in the area.  She was responsible for advanced care for pets having specialty surgeries performed as well as intensive care for critical patients.

At CGAH, Karen performs all aspects of technical care for our patients.  She works as an outpatient technician during general office visit appointments, treats hospitalized patients, and is also one of our main surgical technicians.  She has special interests and has completed continuing education in anesthesia and pain management as well.  Karen is also passionate about client education during visits and post operative care and instructions to make sure pet owners are well aware of how to care for their pets after surgery.

Karen has been a vital addition to our hospital and has a great up-beat personality.  She brings more experience in the veterinary field than any other staff member, yet constantly is striving to expand on her knowledge and skill sets.   Karen previously worked with Dr. Fritz at the emergency hospital several years ago and he was excited to have her join the Cary Grove Animal Hospital team!

Karen is a long time resident of the area and resides with her husband and cats.             


 Staff at Cary Grove Animal Hospital Cary, IL Veterinarian

In memory of Sheba who lost her battle to cancer January 2016.  She will always be a part of our hospital!

Rest in Peace

"Sheba" is our 14 year old clinic cat. She mostly enjoys sleeping in the doctor's office, but from time to time will venture up front to say hello. She was found one morning by the front door of the hospital in her carrier with a note. Her family said they could no longer care for her and no area shelters would take an older cat.

We enjoy having Sheba in the clinic. While she is officially up for adoption to a good home, she has been with us since the beginning and we wouldn't mind if she stays for good!

She also serves as a blood donor should a feline patient ever require a blood transfusion and has saved several lives already! Sheba's favorite things to do are eat and get her head scratched. Please say 'hi' to Sheba if you see her during your visit!