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Behavior Consultations

with Dr. Sheri Levine, DVM

Cary Grove Animal Hospital Dr. Levine Fear Free Certified Veterinarian

Dr. Levine graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and studied closely with Dr. Meghan Herron, DVM, DACVB, one of the 86 board certified veterinary behaviorists in the United States.  Dr. Levine is also a Fear FreeSM Certified Professional.


The goal of a behavior consultation is to improve the human-animal bond by

understanding your pet’s behavior and ultimately helping you and your pet live

together more comfortably and safely.

What can a behavior consult help with?

                                Separation Anxiety                                                         Inappropriate Elimination

                                Fears/phobias (thunder, cars)                                    Human-directed aggression

                                Compulsive behaviors                                                   Inter-pet aggression


What to expect at a behavior consultation:

  • When you arrive you will be escorted straight into the consultation room; avoiding waiting in the lobby and as many stimuli as possible including dogs, strangers, and noises.
    • There may be instances where initial consultations can be in part completed over the phone.
  • Dr. Levine will spend time with you and your family to gather more information and observe your pet to gain a more accurate impression of the behavior problems.
  • A physical exam will be done whenever possible and diagnostics may be recommended to rule out any underlying medical conditions that could be predisposing your pet to behavioral problems and to make sure medications, if necessary, are safe for your pet.
  • Once Dr. Levine has a clear picture of the behavior problem, diagnosis, prognosis and behavioral modification will be discussed. In some cases, medication may be recommended to best manage your pet’s case.
  • After the visit, you will be e-mailed a detailed, written summary of the diagnosis, behavior modifications, training, and management plan for your pet’s behavior within 2-3 days of your pet’s consultation.


Behavior Consultation Fees:

  • Initial Consultation- $425 (appointments are approximately 1-1.5 hours). This includes:  the initial consultation, typed summary of your pets individual treatment plan, and 2 months of follow up phone call or e-mail communications (up to 6 communications).
    • Any lab testing, behavior equipment, or medications are additional
  • Follow Up Consultations- $250 (follow up appointments are approximately 45 minutes).

Please download and fill out either our dog or cat questionnaire and e-mail it to prior to your visit:

Dog Behavioral Consultation Questionnaire

Cat Behavioral Consultation Questionnaire